Academic Activities at Hamburg School

Extra-curricular programs are an integral part of student life at Hamburg School. Our primary goal is to enhance the academic, social and emotional development of our student body through offering a variety of athletic, artistic, literary, and musical activities. After school activities promote time management skills; allows for exploration of diverse interests; builds self esteem, teamwork abilities, and goal setting. The Hamburg School encourages our students to become involved.

Students sitting on a hay bale

Advisor: Mrs. Sealander

The Hamburg Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society was created to develop an enthusiasm for scholarship; simulate a desire to render service; promote leadership and citizenship, and encourage the development of character in the students of Hamburg School.  Students in grades sixth through eighth will be evaluated after the second marking period to see if they are eligible for election into the chapter.  Students who meet the requirements will be notified and given the opportunity to apply for membership.

Members participate in a variety of in school activities and service projects such as, chemo care bags, The Mitten Project, Giving Tree, toy drives, etc., as well as become educational leaders in the Hamburg School community.

If you would like further information regarding the Hamburg School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, please contact Ms. Michele Sealander at

Advisor: Mrs. Smalley

The Middle School Newspaper is published during the school year. It gives students the opportunity to act as reporters and to focus on and hone the following skills: creative thinking, teamwork, interviews, writing, editing, artwork, design, layout and distribution.

The Middle School Newspaper is great for students interested in pursuing a career in journalism, public relations or communications or who just like to write. The newspaper keeps the Middle School Campus community up to speed in a fun, but yet informative way.

Advisor: Mrs. Sealander

Students in grades seven and eight may join the Hamburg Yearbook Club.  Students help create the yearbook by taking photos and designing pages.  Yearbook club members work on the yearbook during activity period.