Hamburg Preschool Little Knights Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hamburg School Early Childhood Advisory Council’s mission is to support an all-inclusive, high-quality education for Preschool children who reside in Hamburg. We believe early childhood is a crucial time in development that requires positive experiences from which children can develop and grow. As such, we will:

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment where children will play, explore, experiment, and develop a lifelong joy for learning;
  • Utilize developmentally appropriate practice and proven research to guide instruction;
  • Implement a research-based curriculum with an aligned assessment system;
  • Intentionally plan lessons, activities, and experiences that promote high expectations, exceed standards, and build a strong academic and social-emotional foundation;
  • Promote acceptance and understanding of our unique and special attributes;
  • Provide an inclusive program with appropriate supports and individualized plans as needed for children with special needs or dual language learners;
  • Develop creative thinkers and problem solvers who make good choices and develop positive self-esteem;
  • Collaborate and partner with families, health service providers, and community stakeholders;
  • Provide ongoing, comprehensive professional development to early childhood professionals who educate and support our children and families.


Mrs. Amy Breitenbach
Mrs. Dana Goens
Mrs. Kystal Menendez
Mrs. Sharon Triolo

Dr. Kimberly Sigman

Dr. Sue Mankiw

Ms. Melissa Garris

To be determined