Dr. Kimberly Sigman
Chief School Administrator

973-827-7570 ext. 502

The Superintendent serves as a non voting member of the Board of Education. Dr. Sigman is appointed by the Board of Education and serves as the Superintendent and Executive Officer in administering Board policies in the operation of the school. She also acts as an advisor in keeping the Board informed of the needs and programs of the school. The Superintendent is available to the Board as a professional resource and her recommendations normally precede any Board actions relating to recruitment, hiring, and supervision of personnel, selection of textbooks and instructional materials, development of curriculum, long-term planning and fiscal affairs.

Mr. Richard Rennie
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

973-827-7570 ext. 503

The Business Administrator/Board Secretary is appointed by the Board and serves as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Rennie supervises, manages, and coordinates the business affairs of the district and ensures that educational support services help to achieve the educational goals of the district with the available financial resources, as well as helps to secure additional financial resources. He is responsible for the efficient operation of the district’s food services program and ensures that cafeteria procedures are in accordance with law and regulations. The Business Administrator also serves as Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds and oversees the district’s transportation program.

Mr. BaumgartnerMr. RJ Baumgartner
Vice Principal

973-827-7570 ext. 509

Mr. Baumgartner is appointed by the Board and serves as the building Vice Principal. He sits in the audience during meetings and reports to the Board regarding curriculum, staff development, and school events.

Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to Hamburg School Online: the digital presence of the Hamburg School District in Hamburg, New Jersey!

Contained within this website, you will find very important information about our wonderful school. Please browse it often, as we will consistently update the site for you.

I wish you great success during this academic year. The talented and caring staff of Hamburg School are dedicated to providing for a spectacular educational experience full of learning with new and exciting experiences.

With Hamburg Pride,

Chief School Administrator